8 June 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 24 - Heirloom

Week 24 (June 11-17) – Heirloom: What heirloom do you treasure? Who gave it to you? What heirloom do you wish you had?

During the #FearlessFemales challenge I wrote a post about Inheritance which you can read here. That blog covered 2 rings - one my sister inherited and one I inherited, so there isn't really much left to list as Heirlooms....

Apart from my Dad's ceramic horses that is, so today's post is about them as told by 
my Special Guest blogger - my sister, Kathleen:

Dad's sister, Aunty Janet, brought back a horse & cart on one of her trips to Scotland.

Dad wanted it 'cause he really liked it. It reminded him of his childhood (not all of it was bad!) and he really loved working with the milkman's horse, even though he stole it. (see that story here)

Aunty Janet wouldn't give it to him - he asked every time he was at her house.

Eventually she said to him he might as well have it because she was sick of looking at it and was going to get rid of it anyway.

He was so pleased with himself when he brought it home. Maureen adds - If you knew him, you could just imagine his belly jiggling as he laughed about it

Then Aunty Janet kept telling him she wanted it back, but he would tell her she gave it to him, it was his now & she couldn't have it.

The first time I went to England, Dad told me to bring him another one. Getting one there wasn't the same as bringing one from Scotland, but I found one - and then I had too much stuff to bring home so I left it with Mum's Aunty Molly and told her to give it to Mum to bring home when Mum came to visit.
Mum was so annoyed! lol

But it eventually made its way home, so that was how he got the second one.

I don't know where the third one came from. Maureen adds - possibly Mum and Dad brought it home from Scotland when they went over to visit.

I have the horse Aunty Janet gave him. 
Nearly every time she saw me she would say she wanted it back and I would say no, she gave it to dad it was his, and he left it for me so now it was mine and she couldn't have it.

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