16 August 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 32 - One of the 32

Week 32 (August 6-12) – 32. For Week 32, let’s focus on one of your 32 3rd-great-grandparents. (If you’ve already written about all of them — first, congrats on identifying all of them! — consider writing about one of their siblings.)

I am currently able to, fairly confidently, name 24 of my great-great-great grandparents. 2 of them I don't know at all. 5 of them I have found listed under more than one name. The final one of the 32 I have named based on oral family history but I currently have no proof that the surname given is correct (sorry to all those who copied this person's name from my tree to theirs - you should have asked me about her or read my notes about the name first)

75% isn't too bad a percentage - more than a pass mark for most exams. So which one of the 24 to focus on this week? There are so many with at least a bit of a story - some lived long lives, some only long enough to have children before passing away. Should I pick a Dobson? A Martin? A Farley? or a Dempsey?

This week I chose John McLuckie - father of my favourite ancestor: Rosana McLuckie.

John was born in 1800 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, the eldest of 4 known children of George McLuckie and Mary Malcolm. He was baptised on June 8th, 1800

John married Margaret Dick in 1919

John McLuckie and Margaret Dick had at least one child - Janet. Janet married George Charleston and they went on to have 12 children

Death Records, prior to Statutory Registration being implemented in 1855, were not always kept by the parishes, so I'm not sure when Margaret Dick passed away, though it must have been prior to John's next marriage - which was to Margaret Ure on September 6, 1835

John McLuckie and Margaret Ure had at least 4 children:
Margaret - who married William Dawson and had at least 10 children
George - who married Marion Nielson and had one daughter, another Rosanna McLuckie
Rosana - who married Alexander Hunter and had 8 children
James - who married Jeannie Nielson (Marion's twin sister) and had at least 8 children

From this we see that John had at least 39 grandchildren!

John was a sawyer by trade as listed in the 1841 and 1851 censuses. Apparently in 1841 there were about 4,500 sawyers in Scotland.

1841 census
1851 census

John passed away on January 24, 1852 of "Decline". He was buried in his own Lair on January 27, 1852. (Lair is a Scottish way of saying grave)

To me it seems a very young age to have passed away, but after a hard life as a sawyer, perhaps this was a "ripe, old age" back then?

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