13 November 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 45 - Free

Week 45 (November 5-11) – Free. (Pick your own theme!)

OK, so because this week is a Pick Your Own theme and because I just happen to be in Bermuda today as I am writing this post (Nov 12 and 13, 2015), I am going to write about the Porteous Family who moved from the UK to Bermuda in the mid/late 1920s.

Me in Bermuda Nov 12, 2015

This photo, sent to me by a Casey family member says this is Mary Ann Casey and her 4 Porteous daughters. I can only assume that these are daughters Agnes, Mona, Veronica and Mary Ann as they remained in Bermuda. Daughters Norah and Evangeline married in the UK, but seem to have moved to Bermuda with the family at least for a while. Daughter Eileen married in Bermuda, but eventually moved back to the UK on an unknown date. (Of course, I could be wrong - and if any of my Casey family know the real story of this picture, please let me know)

Anyway, to the story...

Mary Ann Casey was born about 1870 in Sunderland England, the daughter of Thomas Casey and Maria Crine. Thomas was the brother of Catherine Casey, my great-great-grandmother. This makes Mary Ann Casey my 1st cousin 3 times removed

For those of you who weren't with me then, here is a photo of Thomas Casey from my week 11 post on The Luck of the Irish

Mary Ann married John William Porteous in Sunderland in 1894

Mary Ann died in Bermuda on July 9, 1937.
John William died in Bermuda on March 20, 1940

According to the 1911 census, John and Mary Ann had had 9 living children during their 16 year marriage, but only 5 were still alive at the time:
Norah Eulalia b 1897, Evangeline b 1897, Eileen Isabelle b 1899, Agnes May b 1902 and Mona b 1903. Son Thomas was born and passed away in 1901 and there are 3 other children I am yet to find.

They added to their family with Veronica b 1911, Christopher (who was born and died in 1912) and Mary Ann b 1914.

I have no idea why the family decided to move to Bermuda, but most of them seem to have regularly travelled between Bermuda and the UK - though the passenger list records are a bit "spotty" e.g. we have more records of them travelling to Bermuda than records of them travelling back to the UK.

Norah Eulalia Porteous married Frederick Jeffrey in Sunderland in 1923. They had a son, Frederick J Jeffrey born in about 1925. Norah died in 1965 in Plymouth, Devon, England

Evangeline Porteous married Charles Stuart in Sunderland in 1925. They had a son Charles born in about 1926 in Sunderland then daughter Paula about 1932 and son Keith about 1934 (both possibly in Bermuda)

Eileen Isabelle Porteous married Robert Parry on July 2, 1928 in Bermuda. They had 3 children:
Leo William born about 1930, Margaret born about 1931 and Robert born about 1932.
Eileen died in 1969 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Agnes May Porteous never married. She died on December 22, 1967 in Bermuda

Mona Porteous married Lewis Lindley on September 3, 1930. She died on April 14, 1960

Veronica Porteous married Edward Scales (apparently known as Ned) on November 4, 1940. They had a son called Michael John born about 1942

Mary Ann Porteous never married. She died in February 1997 in Bermuda.

Here are just a few of the passenger lists that mention at least one of the family
3 September, 1925 - John with daughter Mona - going to Bermuda
17 June, 1926 - Eileen and "Molly" (assumed Mary Ann her sister) - going to Bermuda
16 September, 1926 - Mary Ann with daughters Agnes and Veronica - going to Bermuda

16 July, 1928 - travelling from Bermuda to Liverpool:

  • John William, Mary Ann, Agnes May, Veronica and Mary Ann Porteous
  • Norah Jeffrey and her son Frederick
  • Eileen Parry
  • Evangeline Stuart and her son Charles

(there is no record to show when Norah and Evangeline went to Bermuda)

14 October, 1928 - travelling from Liverpool to Bermuda:

  • Eileen Parry
  • Norah Jeffrey and her son Frederick
31 July, 1929 - travelling from Liverpool to Bermuda:
  • John William, Mary Ann, Agnes May, Veronica and Mary Ann Porteous
13 July, 1933 - travelling from Argentina to Liverpool
  • Eileen Parry and her children Leo, Margaret and Robert
25 April, 1938 - travelling from Chile to Liverpool
  • Evangeline Stuart and her children; Charles, Paula and Keith
14 July, 1938 - travelling from Liverpool to Bermuda
  • Evangeline Stuart and her children; Charles, Paula and Keith
22 July, 1938 - travelling from Bermuda to New York
  • Norah Jeffrey and her husband Frederick
14 August, 1938 - travelling from Bermuda to Liverpool
  • Veronica and her sister Mary Ann Porteous
13 October, 1938 - travelling from Liverpool to Bermuda
  • Veronica and her sister Mary Ann Porteous

And that's just part of the list - it goes on and on until 1960 - when Veronica had started flying back and forth between Bermuda and the UK.

Just to finish off - and just because I am in Bermuda, here are a few of my happy snaps - and a picture of the ship I've been travelling on between Southampton and Bermuda

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