6 April 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 15 - Difficult Names

Week 15 (April 9-16) – How Do You Spell That? What ancestor do you imagine was frequently asked that? Which ancestor did you have a hard time finding because of an unusual name?

Many of my ancestors have interesting names - and while most of them are out of use today, I'm not confident that they were uncommon when they were born.

But the family I would like to focus on this week is the WINLO family from the Northumberland and Durham area of the United Kingdom

The Winlos are part of my FARLEY family line.

Margaret Winlo is my great great great grandmother. Born about 1833 in Northumberland England to Adam Winlo and Margaret Webster she is one of at least 5 children: Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane, John and Mary Ann.

In the 1841 Census the family is listed as WINLES rather than Winlo 

In the 1851 Census the family is listed as WINLOW rather than Winlo

I can't find them in the 1861 census at all - and I have tried all sorts of possible spellings even searched for every man of the name Adam born around 1811 with no surname filter, I'm not sure where they are hiding, but I should have been able to find Adam, Elizabeth, John and Mary Ann living somewhere together (Margaret Winlo/Webster having already passed away) 

Margaret was already partnered with Henry Briton Davidson and had 2 children by 1861 (though sadly one had passed away).

Jane married John KIPPING in 1860 - and her surname woes continued. In the 1861 census her surname is transcriped as KIPING by FindmyPast.co.uk and RIPING by Ancestry.co.uk

For Jane though, that's not all for her. In 1862 she has a son she names after her father - Adam Winlo - but Adam's name is recorded as Adam WINLOW Kipping in the birth and christening records though correct in the death register In the 1871 Census all the girls have left home and have families of their own. Adam is living with his son John and his family. The WINLO surname is transcribed as WINTOE on FindmyPast.co.uk and WINTOA on Ancestry.co.uk

Adam passed away in 1878, so by the 1881 census the only person in the immediate family who still has the surname of Winlo is John - and finally the surname is being transcribed correctly. He is listed as WINLO in the censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901

According to FindmyPast.co.uk there are 31 people with the surname WINLO in the 1911 census for England and Wales. Only 1 person, 82 year old Emma Winlo who lives in Devon, doesn't seem to belong to my Winlo extended family.

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