30 March 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 14 - Favourite Photo

Week 14 (April 2-8) – Favorite Photo: Who is in a favorite photo of yours? Or tell the story of the photo itself — where was it taken, what was the event?

I have so many photos I love - my newest favourite photo is one I shared just last week of the Casey family outside their home in Bonners Field Durham England

Cousin Sue, who sent it to me and cousin Fred who sent it to her have put their heads together to make an educated guesstimate as to who the young children are. They think the photo is from about 1901. Man - Thomas Casey.
Baby in arms Eileen Porteous.
Mum with baby - Mary Ann Casey/Porteous
Child in front of mum - Norah Porteous
Other child in white Evangeline Porteous.
Big girl wearing hat - Norah Casey (Render)
Boy in front of her - Thomas Casey Jr. (Son of Thomas and Violet Casey)
Next to him - Agnes May Casey (daughter of Thomas and Violet Casey)
Far right - Maria Casey (Crine)

Another favourite is the one of my mother I used to make her Trading Card during the #FearlessFemales challenge:

The back of the photo says
To Uncle Ted and all over their. Lots of Love. From Pauline xxxx
(That's not my typo by the way - it's what Mum wrote)

I think the photo is from 1953

The greeting on the back says (to me) that Mum sent this photo to her Uncle Ted in Australia either as a pre-cursor to asking for him (or one of the other uncles) to pay her fare so she could come to Australia or perhaps just before she came, so that whoever was meeting her at the port her would recognise her (all of the Uncles who lived in Australia left the UK well before she was born)

I want to add a new old photo to the list:

This photo is brand new - it was emailed to me this week from Barnardos Australia. It is a photo of my Aunty Gert when she arrived in Australia in 1924. It is the earliest photo we've seen of her (though I'm hoping for an earlier one from Barnardos UK in a few months).

The last favourite photo is of Mum from around 1954 when she was in the Army. She was on a camping trip with a group of army friends - it was probably the first camping trip she had ever been on. Possibly the last one she ever went on too. Though she looks pretty happy in this photo, I think, in her heart, Mum was a city girl.

On the trip she went fishing, shooting and cooked over an open fire - all things her children never saw her do as our mother.

And look at those sunglasses!

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