5 December 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 48 - Thankful

Week 48 (November 26-December 2) – Thankful. November 26 is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Interpret the “thankful” theme however you’d like.

This week's blog is not going to be about Ancestors, but more about their Descendants - the ones who have let me visit and helped my update my family history over these past 6 weeks I've been travelling around the globe

But I am thankful for the Martins and Farleys and Dempseys and Dobsons and Mullens and Caseys without whom none of us would have met (either in person or online) and caught up with. I'm also thankful for my Martin/Farley family back home in Australia too.

First cab off the rank is my sister - who helped me pack, took me to the airport at stupid o'clock in the morning and will pick me back up again once I arrive home (at stupid o'clock at night)

I'm also thankful for my brother and nephews and all the cousins who have messaged me while I've been away - I'm looking forward to boring them with photos and names and dates when I get home.

My first port of call was Glasgow where my cousin Carol (Martin side) took me in. I met the next generation of Martins and the one after that as well - along with meeting my Aunty Betty, one of the few in-laws left of my Dad's generation

It was also lovely to catch up with Kenna - the oldest "Martin" first cousin

Then it was on to Cardiff where my Aunty Barbara (another in-law of my Dad's generation) welcomed me into her home. Her daughter Gina showed me the sights and took me to the Cemetery to "meet" my uncles (and a guitar playing Jesus) and young Alex helped me add all the next generation (and the one after that onto my tree)


They also took me over to see my 2nd oldest "Martin" first cousin and her son

Then I hopped on a cruise from the UK to the US via Bermuda. You'd think that I couldn't do much with relatives from there, but you'd be wrong:

Bermuda is where I caught up with information on part of my Casey line who immigrated there in the 1920s. I didn't get to meet any relatives, but a very helpful lady at the Bermuda General Registrar's office was able to help me with some marriage and death information - and I was very thankful for her assistance.

Then online while on the cruise, people ("cousins") looking for the Porteous line in Bermuda (my Casey married a Porteous), got in touch and we were able to share a whole heap of information. I even was sent information from Porteous Associates - a sort of one name study on people named Porteous. With my new information, they were able to consolidate a whole lot of other detail that they had and have now sent me a document that I'll use to flesh out that side of my tree when I get home.

While in the US, I was able to catch up with another group who are part of my "spiritual family" if you will - people I worked with years ago when I was in Papua New Guinea and in Bible College. I'm thankful for Bill and Lesley for picking me up and running me around and organising my visit

Then on to my final stop - Baltimore Maryland - where my 2nd cousin once removed (on the Dempsey/my Dad's side) and her family welcomed me into her home and showed me the sights - and took me up to visit my 3rd cousin once removed (on the Casey/my mother's side) and her husband. This cousin also gave me my 1st ever full American Thanksgiving!

All in all, a wonderful trip that gave me a lot to be thankful for!

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  1. Great to hear about your trip. You have definitely trumped anything similiar I've done!