23 March 2015

#52Ancestors - Week 13 - Different

As I explained last week, I've been struggling with this topic since it came out some weeks ago:

Week 13 – Different. What ancestor seems to be your polar opposite? What ancestor did something that seems completely different than what they “should” have done or what you would have done?

I finally think I have settled on a topic - and it's thanks to cousin Sue who provided the source for this week's inspiration.

I talked earlier about the Casey family when I did my "Luck of the Irish" blog

That week I included a photo of Thomas Casey the brother of my great great grandmother Catherine Casey, but I didn't have a photo of Catherine.

This difference in the amount of family photos continues on to their children.

I have two photos of my great grandmother Mary Mullen - one I shared in my March 2nd post for the #FearlessFemales challenge. Here is the other one - with her husband and children about 1913 or 1914:

Sue on the other hand, is different. Not only has she got a photo of Thomas when I have none of Catherine, she's just sent me copies of 10 photos that include 6 of Thomas' daughters whereas I only have 2 photos of 1 of Catherine's 8 or 9 children. Maybe the other Mullen descendants ended up with the photos? but I am very different from my cousin Sue, that's for sure!

Here are a few of my favourites that Sue sent me - I've been poring over them for days.

And here is for the mysterious same even in our difference - Sue sent me a copy of a photo that I already have, it was in my mother's family album.

My mother had marked it as "I think this is my grandmother's sister", but she had no idea who it was. Turns out, thanks to Sue's information, that it is actually my mother's grandmother's cousin Lizzie, one of Thomas Casey's daughters.

What other differences are there between me and my 3rd cousin once removed, Sue?

  • She's English, I'm Australian
  • She's married, I'm Single
  • She has children and grand children, I do not
  • She's blond, I'm brunette

But ultimately we're "family" and there is no difference in that.

Sue and me in 2010
And now for the photo that beats them all - I got this from Sue today after I asked her for her OK to put her and her photos in my blog. Thomas Casey on the steps, his wife Maria on the far right. Likely location is their home in Bonners Field.

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