16 March 2015

#FearlessFemales - Day 15 - Six Word Memoirs

Today's challenge is not a new one to me. I participated in one 18 months ago with the New South Wales State Library, but they've apparently been around for a long time.

March 15 — Write a six-word memoir tribute to one of your female ancestors.

Here's the twitter post I wrote last year for my 6 word biography:

Of course it helps if you remember what message you were trying to get across. Having thought about it, I think this is what I was writing:

I was born in September and have had 5 jobs in my life time. In February '13 I had reached 13 years with my current employer and in May '13 I had reached 33 years in the industry I work in.

But it's not much of a biography if 6 words needs over 40 words to explain it. So let's see if I can do better with 6 words about my Mother:

Pauline not Mary, English, Australian, Inspirational

Here's a challenge to everyone who reads this blog today:
  • If you knew my mother, write six words about her and tweet me with them (my twitter "handle" is @maureenfromaus) - or write your message in the comments of this post on facebook.
  • If you didn't know my mother, write six words about your own mother and tweet or facebook me with them

I'll try and collate them and share them in another post in up-coming days

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