25 March 2015

#FearlessFemales - Day 25 - Soft touch or Disciplinarian?

March 25 — Tell how a female ancestor interacted with her children. Was she loving or supportive? A disciplinarian? A bit of both?

From previous posts this month, you would have a fairly good idea about who my mother was.

She was loving, encouraging and supportive


Mum was loving, encouraging and supportive but she also had a fierce temper - "insubordination", too many fights with a sibling or lying were things that could set her that temper off, but she usually brought "us kids" back into line with a growl or a raised voice.

Remember that I grew up in the 60s and 70s, smacking a child was the usual disciplinary method in that era.

I don't actually remember ever being smacked, so I'm sure that it was the exception rather than the rule, at least in our house.

However, I was the "well behaved eldest child", so I can't speak for my sister or brother on this, they were always naughtier than I was.

End of the story? Love, encouragement and support are the most powerful memories of my mother, so I think despite her sometime fierce exterior she was a bit of a soft touch.

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