7 March 2015

#FearlessFemales - Day 5 - How did they meet?

Yesterday's Fearless Females post was on marriage records - today's is asking "How did they meet"

Let me start by explaining my family dynamics here:
My mother's brother married my father's sister

When I say that out loud to people they do a bit of a double take, so let's try again:
Brother and sister married brother and sister

Still no good

OK, so let me draw you a diagramme:
Depiction of the Martin/Farley family trees (does not include all family members)

Andrew, Mary Pauline, John and Janet all lived in the Sydney suburb of Millers Point - John and Janet had migrated from Glasgow, Scotland and Andrew and Mary Pauline from Sunderland, England - all at different times, but circumstances moved so that at one fortuitous time they were all in the same place.

Andrew (Andy) was dating Janet, they eventually got engaged and married. During those stages Mary Pauline (Pauline/Mum)) would have met John (Dad) on any number of occasions when he was "home from sea".

Andy and Janet's wedding day

What I do know is that at first Pauline did not like John. I think mostly because John was protective of his little sister Janet and likely came across as if he thought that Andy wasn't good enough for her

But John was persistent and eventually won her over and they lived happily every after.

John and Pauline "courting"

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